This assignment I have been asked to randomly pick 3 images and talk to a group of people from different back grounds, sex's and ages.These people are going to be analyse the image
s and describe a story about the 3 images.

1st Image

2nd Image

3rd Image

First part

Subject 1 – age 39 – Foster parent – Female The man that lived in the middle terrace house, his name is tom butler was deeply in love with the woman that lived next door to him, to prove how much he loved her to had to travel over the bumpy mountings to find the rare rose and phoned from the phone box to tell her that he had found it.

Subject 2 – age 42 – Unemployed - Male - They couldn’t build the row of house in the middle of the bumpy hill because of the rare rose.

Subject 3 age 21 – student criminology - Female The flower that was in the house died because the people were skiing in the hills.

Subject 4 – age 21 – student Computer aided drafting and design. Male One day a boy named Tommy Tool found a map to find a rare exotic flower, and the map took him over the snow mountings. Samantha Hepburn – age 21 – student Be

haviorual Science. This is the queen’s holiday house and Philip gives her a flower for a gift and then he took her to the Himalayas skiing and they took the flower with her.

Second Part

I have chosen to use the first subjects story and then added a 4th image with an image of a phone box being added.

4th Image

Subject 5 – age 21 – student Computer aided drafting and design. Male One day little jimmy was walking past the phone box and he see a beautiful heavenly white rose in the phone box, so jimmy quickly opens the phone box door and dives for the white rose. Jimmy then runs 7 miles home clutching the rose, and then goes to find out that the rose is worth £5000 and is from a very rare place in the mountings and u can only get there by a 4 day hike on foot.

Subject 6 age 21 – student

criminology - Female Granny smith live in her house and one day she phones her family on holiday skiing to tell them about her beautiful rose in the garden.

Subject 7 – age 21 – student Behaviorual Science. Dave is on mount Everest trying to find the elusive white rose but he couldn’t find it. So when Dave got home to the middle house with the black door he found the rose in his garden so he didn’t have to go all that way and then he went to the phone box because he doesn’t have a phone in his house. When he stepped in the telephone box it transported him to New York. This is where he lived happily ever after.

Third Part

I have added the words terrace to the 3rd image.

Subject 8 – age 21 – student Computer aided drafting and design. Male Timmy made phone call to his Gran that lives in the hills in a terrace house . She bloomed rose all year round.

Subject 9 - age 21 – student criminology – Female Rose lives in a terrace house on hill street next to the phone box.

Subject 10 – age 21 – student Behaviorual Science. Jason lives in the hills of Scotland in a terrace house and he has to walk 10miles to the nearest phone box and he picks rose on the way home.

I have noticed that all my people have come up with very individual story's from these images and words but they came up with things along the same lines.

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