Assignment 4: What object do people treasure the most? Why?

With this assignment I want to find out people’s attachment to objects, I am going to do this by asking a section of people what they would want to take with them into the afterlife. I have taken my influence for this question from the Pharaoh’s of ancient Egypt who were buried with everything they would need in there afterlife. I want my subjects to pick an object that they would want to stay with them for eternity. This will show the way subjects thinks either with practicalities in mind or with sentimental thoughts.

Subject Introduction:

Subject 1 – Male, 21, Cad Technician

Subject 2 – Female, 25, Housewife

Subject 3 – Female, 21, Behavioral Analysis

Subject 4 – Female, 23, Housewife

Subject 5 – Male, 20, Maintenance Engineer

What object would you take into the after life with you? And why?

Subject 1 – The object I would take into the afterlife with me would my laptop, this is because on my laptop I have pictures of my family and friends on there. I also have I-tune on there with a wide variety of music so I wouldn’t get bored, also I would have the Internet which I could play games on.

Subject 2 – I would take my Jewellery box because it’s got my Tiffany earrings and bracelet which I got for my 21st and Xmas. My hot diamonds watch that my wonderful boyfriend got me for my 21st and the charm bracelet that’s got charms that represent my sister. A necklace from Christopher’s gran, and a necklace that was given to me from my gran. And lots of other Jewellery that’s pretty and has meaning.

Subject 3 – Wish’s to take their I-pod. This is so they can listen to their music to be self-entertained.

Subject 4 – Irin Bru, because I love it and it keeps my thirst quenched

Subject 5 - It would be the photo album my mum made me for my 18th. It has photos of me, and all my family when I was just a nipper, right up until my 18th, then blank pages for me to fill. I would take this because I can lose myself for hours looking through it, and the thought of getting to fill it with the rest of my life adventure excites me.

Discussion and notes:

I noticed that only 2 out of the 5 subjects picked things that would be sentimental, this made me wonder is this because this group are all from a younger generation and maybe don’t have the same amount of things that hold meaning? Or is it because they have more practical minds? Maybe if I had interviewed a wider age range the results may have differed. I found the whole interviewing process exciting and interesting to see the public’s reaction to your questions and how seriously they took them.

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