Haiti Earthquake

Haiti Earthquake

In the after math of the Haiti earthquake a group of designers from Clemson University came up with the idea to use old shipping containers to make homes for the Haiti victims that lost there homes.

The shipping container’s have a ‘unibody’ construction so they are also very good in seismic zone and exceed structural code. This means they can act as emergency shelters in earthquakes and hurricanes. The project that is developing them is called SEED. These storage containers can be altered with a few simple cuts at the port to turn them into something that is a livable space with a opening to the site.

The students that developed this idea first sought a way to give emergency housing to displaced people. This housing had to be sturdy and safe on a permanent site. This would allow families to go back on there land quickly was key to the idea. Often families displaced by disasters never return to there homes, but the Clemson researcher try to find strategies to carry out the SEED Project as quickly as they could, trying to have the adjusted containers in the disaster zone within 3 weeks.

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