Task 3

Chelminski, P, On market mavens and consumer self-confidence: A cross-cultural study. Coulter, RA, 2007

Market mavens are attentive to media and important diffusers of marketplace information. This study examines the relationships between cultural individualism, general and consumer self-confidence, and market mavenism in the context of two distinct cultural systems, the United States and South Korea.

CondeNast, Style.com the online home of Vogue.

This comprehensive fashion magazine, this shows all the major new styles and catwalk fashions for each season.

Darling, Diane Networking Survival Guide : Get the Success You Want by Tapping into the People You Know, Publisher:McGraw-Hill Companies, Released 2003.

The book is a step by step guide to networking, and how to use them successfully to benefit your self and to post your self confidence in the process.

Funk, S, The spread of awareness and its impact on epidemic outbreaks, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, April 21st 2009

When disease brakes within the human population, it changes the behavior of people and they response to the out brake of the disease. Even if no centralized information is provided about the presence of a disease, such awareness can arise through first-hand observation and word of mouth.

Kahle, Dave, Preventing The Price Objection, American Salesman Jun2009, Vol. 54 Issue 6, p24-27.

The article discusses how salesmen can prevent customers' price objection. Salesmen are advised to project an image that is worth the price of their products. It is believed that appearance impacts the subconscious view on value of customers. Other tips include avoiding price comparison, dismissing willingness to discount, and displaying an affirmative behavior.

Rosenberg, Scott, Say everything : how blogging began, what it's becoming, and why it matters, New York, Crown, 2009,

Explores the complex network of blogging and provides insights into the new medium with discussions on privacy, self-expression, authority, and community, and includes close-ups of blogging innovators, including Evan Williams of Blogger.

Woods, Margaret, Shape of fashion and its underpinnings, 1870-1960, Museum of the Rockies.

This is a website about ‘The shape of fashion and its underpinnings’ an exhibit online from the Rockies Museum from Montana. Its looks in-depth of the history of women’s underwear.

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