Journey Box

In my first year I done a project called Journey Box. This projects basic brief was that I had to first read a book or base it on a book I had already read, then crate a space within a 10x10 meter cube using stairs, bridges and walk ways to make a space for your self to read your book of your choice. I have not read allot of books I do not really find it enjoyable reading or have time for it, but I dug a book I had read at high school called Junk by.................. This book is set in the 80's, it tell the story of two young high school sweet harts that run away from everything to start a new life together in the city where they experiment with drugs, sex and alcohol. They become friends with a group of heroin addicted squatters. The couple soon fallow in the bath of there new found friends and leeds them to some strange experiences and tares them apart. They need up on a downward spiral in life and it takes a grate deal for them to get them self back on their feet.

I was greatly influenced by the book and the journey they took. I started to look at loads of 80's punk signers their music and fashion. Also at this time in UK there was unrest with the miners strikes and mass unemployment. Margaret Thatcher was in power and she was changing the way the country had operated for 100's of years by crushing unions and closing down the heavy industry that many people relied on for their income. I had allot to try and get over in my space but I tried to simplify the space for a dramatic effects. I looks at the spiral of life and how they lived in a bubble where they thought know one could get to them and also the effects of the life style they lived.

These are my boards that shows my process.

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  1. i feel like im listening to the song by Journey - DONTTTT STOP - BELIEVEEEING!!!