Juteopolis final boards

I have spoken about the A project perviously called Juteopolis, I have now completed this project and I wish to share my groups finial out come. This project made me as a design student tackle some new challenges, such as working with others in group. This made me view things differently as people have different tastes, strengths and weaknesses. This project change the way I look at design and how I feel I work with others. I did allot of self discovery and had to deal with allot of new challenges that helped me and my group reach our final out come.

We took a radical view on the task of designing an exhibition using sustainable materials based on Dundee's Jute industry that lasted in the city for over a century and employed over 50,000 workers at its peek. We look mainly into the social aspected of the city during this period. Look at the difference between the jute barons that made millions from exploiting there works in some of the worst working and living c
onditions in the UK at the time. We also incorporated the sustainable factor by using grass to constructed panels where facts and images were displayed using chloroform to project pictures on to the grass. The panels are also portable as they dismantle into sections so the hole exhibition can be transported from venue to venue giving it a much wider audience.

Here are the board we carted to display our ideas.

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