In my first year got a brief to design a shed. The brief asked you to use the petite form of a basic garden shed, set within a fictional domestic garden in an everyday suburban setting. It asked you to take the basic form of a shed and transform it from an ordinary building into something maybe extra-ordinary. It also asks for you to look at the structure of the shed and to change it into dynamic new architectural structure..

The shed is for one person and possibly one guest. How are they going to move from the home to the detached shed within the garden? What the interior function could be?

This brief filled my head with mean different ideas on how I could change the functions of something so simple and everyday into a dynamic new architectural structure. In this day and age there is always something popping up in the news about peoples homes being broken into while people are asleep in their beds, there is also this continuing fear of a terrorist using dirty bombs to cause fear and terror in our country.

I wanted to carte a place of safety where you can escape when you feel in danger, for example if a robbery, kidnap or even if there was a terrorist attack where they used biological or nuclear weapons takes place you can escape from the thereat.

I looked at World War II bomb shelters in my local area of central Fife. Fifes coastal beaches were consider as a landing place for the Nazi Germany invasion fleets, because of this the Mod constructed 20 pill boxes in a line across central fife. This created a line of fire to stall the invasion fleet while back up troops arrived to defend our country. These bill boxes gave me iinspirations to carte a sunken safe house. This structure would protect the inhabitancies from threats while being in a comfortable living environment where inhabitants could survive for up to 2 weeks without leaving the Shed.

The Shed can become air tight in the case of a biological attack. If this was to occur air would be filtered thorough pumps into the shed. The bad air would be extracted to give the inhabitancies air they are able to breath. The shed has glass roof, to allow light in to make its more useable as an everyday space. The glass roof can be covered by a reinforced steal plate that would protect the inhabitants. This steal cover would slid across when the panic button is activated, also on the activation this would cause the access door to bolts shut to make the sheds interior inaccessible from the exterior. This would also make the air filter activate causing the clean air to circulating within the shed. There is also storage to cater for emergency goods such as a radio's, torches, battery's and food. The space also supports a bathroom, kitchen area and a living area with entertainment centre and sofa.

I produced these board to show my thought process and final designs.

I had a large interest in this project and found the research into the second world war stop lines very interesting. I feel I have designed a place that people can find security whether your life is in danger or you just need somewhere to feel safe.

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