26th of sep

Well this week I went to the DCA for the first time, very interesting space with a warehouse sheek feel about it, but was full of people that seemed a bit toff like, aseptically when 20 student had to walk through the middle of the bar/restaurant area, I felt very jugged. By being there we were able to see what space for our Jueopolis Exhibition was like. Our design is to be for the main space which is a very interesting space with its high ceilings and viewing areas from the second floor, its just a grate space, with so much scope for so many different ideas. While we were at the DCA there was an exhibition on, but it was photos peoples heads being shot off and only having half a body left, using very graphic pictures of war. Thats just to much for me to handle so we gave that a miss.
I have also started reading the Tipping point. Its interesting we are reading it for our design studies.

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